Travel Diary: Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. Land of the free, home of endless museums.

I’ve always said I belong in the Northeast. If someone asked me to move to New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut or Boston tomorrow I definitely would. I mean.. I would if I could avoid all responsibility.

This was my first time visiting Washington, D.C., but I already knew I would love it. The city was so beautiful. A monument on every corner.

I always do extensive research on the city I travel to. What museums will I go to? What restaurants should eat at? It’s just me being OCD. A very Tiffany quality.

I was in Washington, D.C. for the ONA Annual Conference. For my non-journalism school friends ONA stands for Online News Association. They hold a yearly conference in some random, cool city talking about all the current issues in digital journalism and how we can solve them.

All weekend I was was pretending to be this full on adult on a business trip, but in reality I’m a 20-year-old college student trying to keep up with all these professional journalists around me. I mean there were endless things I was going to, from sessions all day to networking events at night. But it was one of the best weekends and a nice break from the Mizzou library.

On the first night we went to the Newseum for a networking event, on Friday we went to a Washington Post/Google hosted party AT THE WASHINGTON POST. Still not over it, still not over the fact I shook Marty Baron’s (for my non-journalism school friends, he’s the Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Post also featured in the movie Spotlight) hand, still have Washington D.C. separation anxiety.

At school, I wear leggings 5 of 7 days of the week so it was nice to dress up four days in a row. So here’s what I wore:

On the night before I left, I was sleep deprived and behind on Shonda Rhimes television. So after my last event ended around 6 p.m. I went to Nando’s to get some dinner, changed into my pajamas and watched How to Get Away with Murder followed by Scandal.

I woke up the next morning, packed up the rest of my things, freaked out because I always think I forget something, and headed out the door to Ronald Reagan Washington Airport and went home.