Getting to know the bloggers

Learn more about the people behind the pictures.


1. Obsessions?

JOY: Watching movies - It's me and my best friend from home favorite past time (but we are those people who talk during the whole thing - sorry). Music - I burst out into song quite frequently, and Beyonce and Demi Lovato are my artists of choice. Basketball - I never played but I like to think my little brother got his skills from me. Steph Curry is my favorite player in the league right now. You call me a bandwagon if you want, but I'm really just looking for the Steph to my Ayesha.

TIF: Broadway showtunes. Currently loving Dear Evan Hansen because duh..

Book publishing. Weird obsession but have you ever learned about Harper Collins publishing? Because they’re amazing

Baseball. Probably too obsessed with Kansas City Royals baseball, so much so that playoffs really affect my happiness. RIP playoffs 2016-2017

2. If you wake up 5 minutes before class what do you have to do before running out of the door?

JOY: Moisturize! I never leave the house without putting on my Neutrogena daily moisturizer for my face and then EOS lip balm because chapped lips are never cute.

TIF: I have to straighten my hair. It takes two minutes since my hair is already naturally straight but because I sleep with wet hair I wake up looking like someone who doesn’t know what a hairbrush is.

3. Watching on TV right now?

JOY: Jane the Virgin! Can we all agree that the narrator is the best character on the show? okay cool thanks. Also long live Jane and Rafael.

TIF: How to get away with Murder and Scandal. Shonda Rhimes is an absolute genius but I can’t hop on that Grey’s Anatomy train

4. A show you’ve rewatched a million times?

JOY: Grey's Anatomy, although I have not watched passed the infamous tragedy that occurs in Season 11. I just relive the good ole days of seasons 1-10 when life was a lot simpler. People say they can't watch Grey's because its sad, but I am nothing but happy when I get a little free time to indulge in the world of Seattle Grace Hospital.

TIF: How I met your mother. Well I’ve rewatched all but the last two episodes of the series because that’s garbage

5. Tell us about your major and what you want to do?

JOY: I'll be graduating with a Masters in Accounting, and I hope to be CFO of my own company someday and able to incorporate fashion somewhere in my career.

TIF: Strategic Communication: Digital Strategy and a minor in business. I hope to do social media marketing and web design for a company or work for an agency doing the same thing.

6. Where do you want to live in 5 years?

JOY: I would love to either live in New York or Northern California (San Jose/Bay Area). Totally opposite sides of the country, I know, but I can definitely see myself being a bi-coastal girl.

TIF: I mean literally anywhere in the Northeast United States. Philadelphia, Boston, Connecticut, New York you name it. I truly believe I was made for the Northeast.

7. Who’s another blogger you admire?

JOY: I love Arielle from Something Navy. I highly encourage you to follow her on Instagram for amazing fashion inspo and pics of her super cute daughter.

TIF: Dani Austin. I’ve been following her since she was a student at UT and now she’s engaged. I really do know too much about someone I don’t really know

8. Where do you shop the most?

JOY: My closest is a pretty even split between American Eagle and Express. This past summer, I began shopping more at Nordstrom, Zara, and Topshop, so I suspect those will quickly become my new favorites!

TIF: My wardrobe is about 75% Old Navy and the rest is a mix of Target and Nordstrom. I worked at Nordstrom over the summer and am ashamed at the money I spent there within two months

9. One clothing item you can’t live without?

JOY: My Vans, Zella leggings, and Nordstrom BP cardigan are all my go-to pieces at the moment.

TIF: My Zella leggings and Better Sweater Patagonia. Often worn together. Often worn 5 out of 7 days of the week together.

10. Describe your personal style

JOY: I would say that my style can be described as edgy bohemian.

TIF: I’d consider my style to be mostly preppy with a mix of boho. But if I'm being honest with myself, I'm pretty basic

11. What posts can we expect from you in the future

JOY: You can expect to see posts about what I'm wearing throughout the week and more food and recipe blog posts as I am trying to make a lifestyle change and clean up my diet a bit!

TIF: A look into the life of a Missouri School of Journalism student and what she wears to class and on on those exciting weekend trips to…. The library.

12. Celeb Crush

JOY: My man, Hugh Jackman, and Patrick Dempsey.

TIF: Aaron Tveit and Justin Timberlake. The two loves of my life

13. Raid any celebrity’s/bloggers closet

JOY: I would love to raid Rihanna's closet! I would find so many unique, amazing, edgy pieces and would walk out of there as a style icon in training. Zendaya's closest is, for sure, a close second.

TIF: I’d probably raid Kate Middleton’s closet. So classy I mean she’s a freaking princess

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