Podcasts We LOVE

We've just recently gotten into the podcast game over the last year, and now we don't know what we would do without them! They are a great way to wake you up in the morning, make the workday go by faster (you know we all need that), and are great for road trips! Here are a few of our favs:

1. The Morning Toast

You guys...Jackie and Claudia will have you laughing at work while staring at excel spreadsheets that don't make sense. Trust me, this comes from personal experience. The Morning Toast is your daily dose of pop culture news. They chat about their lives, give you the run down on 5 of the most prevalent entertainment news stories, and recap all of your favorite reality tv shows. I promise you will not regret giving this millennial morning show a listen! #toasters4lyfe

2. Thick & Thin

Katy Belotte is that friend you wish could talk you down after a long day at school or work. She gets deep and is all about uncovering those hidden thoughts we are afraid to share because we think no one else is thinking it. Well, Katy makes it known that you aren't alone and your feels are valid. Also, her voice is just so pleasant to listen to that you won't want to stop.

3. The Real Reel

Natalie Barbu interviews professionals all across the social media/entertainment industry and picks their brain on life, success, and everything in between. Her goal is to give you a behind the scenes look into an industry that makes everything look so prime and polished when that isn't always the case. Each episode is always an interesting listen, so give it a shot if you're in the mood to learn something new!

4.thirst aid kit

Bim and Nichole are truly a dynamic duo. Each podcast talks about a Hollywood heart throb, goes through every thing they've done in their career, and you can swoon along them. Each episode ends with a fan fiction they've written about the celebrity they're talking about, and I recommend not listening to that part at work. Because you'll either be inappropriately laughing or blushing at your desk.

5. Switched on Pop

What makes songs so catchy? The hosts of this show try to discover just that. But it's more than the lyrics they're looking at, they break down every beat. If you love music, you should definitely give it a listen. They break down everything from Ed Sheeran to the Baby Shark song.